Social Media Followers

This is a list of blogs and websites from people who follow me on social media. You should check them out if you’re looking for something new to read. My favorites are bolded.


Backwards 7

Brian Almon

Jack Barnes, Contributor to A Voice for Men

J. Arthur Bloom, Daily Caller, Front Porch Republic, The Mitrailleuse

Allum Bokhari, Co-Editor, Breitbart Tech

Mike Cernovich, Danger & Play

Bernard Chapin, Male Defender!

Nathan Cook, Particulars

Hector Cordova, Brave x Wise

David the Good, The Survival Gardener

Allan Davis Jr.

Pax Dickinson, CTO of

Dystopic, The Declination

Mary Ellen, Pearls & Polka Dot Dresses


Faceless Mike, Emerald Fore Society

Trevor Freeman, The Ordinary Life


The Gruff Gamer

Half Tangible

Marc Hochstein, Editor-in-Chief, American Banker

Brennan Hughes

Isaac The Tragic, CSR Bunker

Kitten Holiday

Prince Hubris, Harambe Underground

Mastermind News

Militant Bibliophile

Katie McHugh, Writer at Breitbart News

Axel McKibbin, The Anti-Puritan

Nate, Bloggerblaster

Russell Newquist

Rawle Nyanzi

The Private Man

Of Wolves and Men


David Richards, Counter Cultural Conservatism

Saradin, The Locust Years

Caleb Seamone

Civis Silvanus

Super Nerd Mike, SuperNerdLand

Derek Thornton


Usualjay Plays Games

Virginia Dare

Rikard Wahlgren, Letters of Passage

Sam Whitfield

Alex Wiant, Practice Domination

Rebel Yelliex

Milo Yiannopoulous (prior to Twitter Ban), Editor, Breitbart Tech

The Z Blog