The Body Slam Heard Round The World

Last night, on the eve of a special election, Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs reported that he had been bodyslammed by Montana Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte. The Gianforte campaign said they grappled and fell down, another news report said Gianforte punched Jacobs repeatedly while he was on the ground. Gianforte was cited for misdemeanor assault.

The Washington fixtures and billionaire-patroned class of the GOP immediately joined the left in demanding apologies and for Gianforte to withdraw from race, as expected.

But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part has been the seemingly large numbers of people who don’t care, as evidenced on social media and reported on by the media.

It is not all that surprising. After all, assaults by Al Frankens on a protester at a rally, and Cynthia McKinney on a security guard weren’t seen as career ending events. The media sided with organized mobs assaulting Trump supporters outside of rallies throughout the campaign, in Chicago and other places. Antifa violence at the inauguration and other locations this year has been met with a shrug of indifference. Attacks on Charles Murray were the only violence from this past year directed at the right that the Beltway Right could muster an ounce of indignation over.

The media gives voice to the refrain “freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences” to justify violence by the left. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, then Mayor of Baltimore, told reporters rioters needed to be given space to express themselves as they ruined businesses and neighborhoods.

In addition, we’ve gotten to the point where terror attacks, killing a few dozen people and maiming many more is something we’re supposed to get used to, and is just a part of living in the modern world.

I can’t blame someone who, having witnessed all of this, shrugs when a candidate for office bodyslams a belligerent reporter who has been spending months trying to derail their political career. At some point people start to think: “If I wasn’t supposed to get angry over those acts of violence, why should I be angry over this one?”

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