Yet Another Terrorist Attack

Another week, another mass casualty event in Europe perpetuated by a Mohammedan. There was a time when this sort of thing never happened. There was a time when it happened once in a lifetime.  There was a time when it happened once every few years. Accelerating and accelerating it seems that these types of attacks are now happening every few weeks. Europe is enjoying its own initfada.

The elite’s only response to this is, as usual, to tighten the police state. More security at more events, more police in combat gear patrolling the streets, more inconvenience for native populations. Being subject to a cavity search to board an airplane is, after all, a small price to pay for diversity, which I am reliably informed is our greatest strength.

In Europe, to broach these questions is to risk detention as a dissident against the ruling regime. How can Europe consider itself part of the free world, when frank discussion among its citizens about the largest movement of peoples in human history can lead to imprisonment?

Some day, the history books may read:

“After two devastating world wars, the European nations abandoned their empires, and barely averted a third world war. However, the aftermath of this century of conflict exhausted the European nations. After the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the Arab peoples resumed their outward expansion after 300 years of stagnation and found little resistance from the peoples of Europe, who were willing to tolerate a rapid disintegration of liberal society in order to avoid conflict.”

So far, nothing has jolted the conscious of the people of Europe. They are content to suffer the consequences of low level conflict in order to avoid being called racist. Perhaps someday something significant enough will happen to radically change the population’s mind.

My suspicion is it would take something besides simply ending lives to affect a major change; the modern lifestyle that provides comfort to most would have to be threatened. People are willing to risk increased violence, but I doubt how far they would allow living standards to fall far before deciding to act.

Let us just hope that happens before things are too far gone, and before modern society becomes irrecoverable.

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