Interesting Articles, 4/23/2017

Here are some articles I’ve read recently and found interesting:

Grace & Steel Ep. 78 – Talking to the Z Blogger is a podcast featuring one of my favorite bloggers & Baltimore resident, The Z Blogger. This is the first one he’s done, so it was nice to hear him talk at length.

Geographic Apartheid in Africa Exists to Entrench the One Party State– Looks at how California’s harsh regulations on new construction in coastal areas forces Hispanic immigrants into interior regions, which enables the super-majority of Democrats in the state legislature.

“The Ideas Made It, But I Didn’t” checks in with Pat Buchanan who has witnessed his political ideas triumph electorally with the election of Donald Trump.

The Strategy of a Thousand Statesmen considers the necessary task of building a new set of people to take over the true reigns of power in the United States.

Moldbug 10 Years On, A Critical Retrospective looks back at the work of Mencius Moldbug, an influential thinker in reactionary politics. It covers his main philosophies and look at how they held up, and how they changed over time.


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