Just Asking!

This morning, President Trump tweeted the following:

I have a few questions of my own. Don’t worry, I’m “Just asking!”

Has the New York Times returned Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer yet? Just asking!

What’s the deal with the artwork in Tony Podesta’s house? Just asking!

Does Barack Obama proudly display his Nobel Peace Prize? Just asking!

Does “Render unto Caesar” apply to to immigration policy or only to abortion & gay marriage? Just asking!

How much money did NBC lose on their Chelsea Clinton contract? Just asking!

Has someone provided evidence that our greatest ally Israel is a greater ally than the UK? Just asking!

Have any pundits lost their jobs for terrible forecasting and analysis in the 2016 election? Just asking!

Why aren’t Michelle and Barack vacationing together after leaving the White House? Just asking!

Did Ted Kennedy ever apologize for asking the Soviet Union to help Walter Mondale against Reagan? Just asking!

How would we know if journalists and pundits were being paid by corporate and special interests besides their employers? Just asking!

Did SNL ever make a joke about Barack Obama living with his mother in law while he was president? Just asking!

Are BBC America and Al-Jazeera America attempts by the British and Qatari governments to influence American elections? Just asking!

How did Harry Reid make so much money while he was in Congress? Just asking​!

Why is it more publicly acceptable to be a communist than a fascist? Just asking!

Did Salon ever repost “I’m a Pedophile, Not a Monster”? Just asking!

Why is Maria Abramovic so friendly with prominent Democrats? Just asking!

Did CNN ever apologize to Ken Bone for publishing his Reddit activity on their website? Just asking!

Has Bill Clinton admitted to any affairs after Monica Lewinsky? Just asking!

Did Ben Sasse apologize for what happened in the Congressional page program while he ran it? Just asking!

Why did the FBI combine white and Hispanic crime for decades in their statistics? Just asking!

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