Some Articles I’ve Enjoyed Recently 3/17/17

Here are some articles that I’ve read recently that I thought you’d enjoy.

The Destroyer of Worlds examines Trump’s position as the instrument of destruction for the comfortable status quo that had been established in Washington over the course of the most recent decades. It places Trump in the role of “The Mule” from Asimov’s Foundation series, which is an especially apt metaphor.

Steve King’s Incoherent Blasphemy opines on the fallout from Rep. Steve King’s recent controversial comments and his subsequent “clarification”. The point is made that while King’s first statement largely made sense and was extremely transgressive against the current order, his second set of comments were nonsensical and simple appeasement.

Silicon Valley: A Brilliant Leftist Success Story  chronicles the seemingly universal leftism in Silicon Valley and how this demonstrates the success the left has had over the past two generations in shaping young minds into its own image.

 Take Control of Your Language argues that we should be more careful in the language and labels we apply to ourselves and others such that it leaves no doubt what we intend to mean. It makes the case that what we normally call “liberals” or “leftists” should be replaced with words like “third worldist”, which describes a person whose prime political motivation is the advancement of people living or originating from third world countries.

On Legitimacy and Republicanism delves deeply into the topic of the mechanisms by which republican governments achieve and maintain their legitimacy. An important aspect of this is that republics deny the ability for many forms of legitimacy to take hold and is ultimately a weakness in that system.

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