How the Left Controls Right-Wing Media

One of the most important ways that the progressive and neo-liberal left, the de facto ruling entity in first-world (in the original meaning), maintains its grip on cultural power is by controlling its opposition. While the biggest means of information distribution have been controlled and put into service for the political left for decades, the yearning for something else creates the opportunity for right wing media to become a major source of opposition. However, the media and corporate organs of the left utilize three major means to control its opposition.

The first way, and perhaps the most obvious, is through advertising. Every right wing media enterprise requires funding and like the rest of the media, they usually seek to sell advertising to do it. However, advertising departments and agencies are filled almost exclusively with people on the left, and corporations are more than willing to virtue signal by cutting off even indirect spending on right wing sites. Despite getting more traffic than left wing news sites, the Drudge Report and Breitbart are forced to rely on low paying advertisements rather than the large branded deals left wing news often utilize. When the left organized an advertisement boycott against Glenn Beck on Fox News, he got fired to placate the whims of thousands of would-be Robespierres. This ultimately punishes right wing media for not appeasing liberals and is a primary means by which the left enforces the right hand side of the Overton window.

The second means of control the left exerts over its opposition is promotion. Any right-of-center figure who attacks the right or supports the left is immediately raised to prominence and is given access to the best means of information distribution until they have served their purpose. Senators John McCain & Lindsay Graham are perennial examples of this phenomenon. Token right wingers like David Brooks, Jennifer Rubin and others are given large platforms solely because they have been housebroken by the left. Meanwhile, those prone to pushing far right views are excluded from the conversation in an attempt to render them invisible.

The third major way the left controls right wing media is through selective scandal. With their control of the best means of information distribution, the left wing media can create a scandal surrounding any figure out of thin air, while ignoring similar or worse behavior from their own side. This selectivity, where Milo Yiannopolous is scandalized and fired for making statements supporting a position Ruth Bader Ginsberg also made statements supporting is just one of many examples of how the left wing media weaponizes its ability to create scandal.

These methods, are, however, slowly losing their ability to control the flow of information distribution. Upstart media enterprises on the right are beginning to resist the temptation of easy advertising dollars and survive off of direct payments from users. Social media makes self-promotion easier than it was before and limits the benefits of passing through left-controlled gatekeepers. Audiences have begun to understand the tricks the media plays which grants their targets immunity from their attempts to create scandal, as evidenced by the entire 2016 presidential campaign. While the outlook looks good, be sure to keep in mind the methods the left uses to control its opposition, and remember to identify which outlets and figures are controlled opposition.

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