Links I’ve Liked Recently 3/5/2017

Here are some links to articles I’ve found particularly interesting over the past few weeks.

Shia Laboof and the Weltgeist of the Damned discusses the reaction of the forces of progressive culture to realizing they are no longer omnipotent and the fright this creates in the left. It has been fifty years since the left did not dominate culture, and now the artists on the left they no longer control the narrative.

Trumpism and the Reforging of an Imperial America delves into the unique case of American nationalism and how that is a uniquely imperial sort of nationalism.

Reflections on the revolution in Middlebury is Charles Murray’s discussion of the violent protests, in which a Middlebury professor was injured, that occurred at his speech on campus. While I have been a long-time fan of Murray’s, especially during my libertarian leaning days, it is so very telling that he has only awoken to the metastasis taking place on college campuses throughout the country when he has to face the anger of the crowds. His dislike of Donald Trump and others have caused him to ignore the very troubling things taking place on campus.

 Tom Nichols and the Public’s View of Science takes well-known neoconservative, sanctimonious prick, and all-around asshole Tom Nichols to task for writing an article where he is advocating for helotization of anyone without acceptable credentials but is too much of a weasel to come out and say it directly.

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