Defense of Garnax Prime, Part 4

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“Freighter, this is General Penrose on board the PSS Hornet, please identify yourself.”

The sheepish reply came in over the radio:

“This is the freighter ‘Emma Sue’ and I’m the Captain of this vessel. We’re all relived here you came, and so glad you’re from the Palatine military, we didn’t think you guys had abandoned us. We were trying to escape the raiders, but we had to surrender to that frigate when it found us.”

Penrose replied, “I understand. I’ve got a few questions that I’d like answered then you’re free to go.”

“Yes, anything”, the freighter Captain replied.

“What do you know of the disposition of Ascendancy forces? How many ships did they bring? How many troops? How long have they been here?”, Penrose asked.

“Reports on the news said about 15 ships, none bigger than the one you just blew up. It sounds like they were raiding in 5 groups of about 300 spread across the continent.”, the shaken freighter Captain replied.

The PSS Hornet and the freighter Emma Sue drifted apart before the freighter fired off a burst to escape from Garnax’s orbit. The Hornet performed a burn to fix its inclination and descend towards the militia headquarters.

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