Defense of Garnax Prime, Part 3

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Green and purple plumes erupted from the sides of the Ascendancy frigate. Captain Webster commanded the dorsal cannon to begin firing. 

“Ensign Anthony”, he asked, “do we have a sufficient track to target missiles?”

“Not yet, sir.”, Ensign Carl Anthony replied, “We need more time to reduce our uncertainty in his range. We’ve know his direction exactly, but our range is only as good as I can dead reckon based on that course I estimated. We could be a couple  kilometers off on either side.”

“How can we make that happen quicker? I want all of our weapons firing as soon as possible.”, the Captain replied

“The simplest option is to use the radar but they’ll be able to find us immediately. Otherwise, if we swing back and forth wide enough, we can triangulate their position.”, Carl answered.

“Lets risk the radar. They certainly have more pressing concerns at the moment than counterattack.”, Captain Webster ordered.

A few minutes later, a barrage of missiles was added to the thumping of projectiles against the hull of the Ascendancy ship. It finally began to break apart and a series of explosions further reduced the rubble.

At that moment, Ensign Chuck Stewart, spoke up: “Captain, the freighter that was being pursued is hailing us and wishes to speak.”

General Penrose, who had been sitting quietly with Captain Webster, replied “Put them through.”

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