Legislative Wishlist for the Trump Presidency & The 115th Congress

Note: This letter can be downloaded in PDF format at this link. It can also be faxed to the member of Congress of your choice here.

To Members of Congress, The President & The American People:

For the first time in over a decade, Republicans have control of the Presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate. This opportunity must be seized by the administration and members of Congress to protect the few remaining institutions that give America its strength and to degrade the institutions which are undermining the health of the Republic and historic American nation.

It should be no secret to anyone who seeks to understand the power dynamics of the modern United States that unelected institutions, unaccountable to the people, wield considerable political power. A republic where the people cannot hold power to account is no longer truly a republic. The founders of this great nation insisted that the people were sovereign, and that is no longer the case.

The media-entertainment complex, a few publicly traded megacorporations and the conglomeration of universities and other education systems wield the power to entirely control the stream of information that is available to American citizens and are nearly unanimous in their submission to radical ideologies predicated upon erasing nations and peoples. The uninhibited flow of information, as the Founders knew well, is a necessary feature of a functioning republic.

The Congress, in its folly, has given executive departments full of bureaucrats hired by political appointees of various administrations, exclusively inhabiting the suburbs of the Federal City (why they do not reside in the city itself will be left as an exercise to the reader), the power to make laws about nearly every action taken by citizens of this nation. These departments also spy on American citizens and government officials, and instigate acts of war against sovereign nations without the consent of Congress. This unaccountable power is in direct contradiction to the principles of a free republic, and must be severely curtailed.

In addition, the Judiciary has usurped power far beyond the fears of even the most skeptical of critics to our Constitution. The judiciary has used Congress’ silence on statutory interpretations in order to create entire new laws and practices.

Before I list the tasks which need to be accomplished by this Congress and this administration, consider the costs of not acting. The opposition party, and its apparatchiks will one day retake the legitimate positions of power in this nation, in addition to their continuing control of the illegitimate positions of power. They will seek to act to prevent this opportunity from happening again. They will continue to agitate for the limitation of free speech through not only their fellow travelers in the Silicon Valley, but through re-imposition of speech throttling policies like the fairness doctrine. Not only that, they will redouble their efforts to drown out the voices of the historic American nation by importing a new population that lacks our commitment to the principles of the Enlightenment and will vote for the leaders which will ensure them the most short-term comforts.

With these reasons before you, I strongly urge you to consider the following legislative measures.

First, the source of the contagion afflicting our nation must be dealt with harshly. The federal government must use its power to defang, delegitimize, and degrade the American university system, which holds a monopoly on the training of individuals occupying the illegitimate seats of power. Universities train these individuals in a uniform ideology that is directly opposed to the concept of an American nation, before sending them out to populate government offices, non-government organizations, boardrooms and grade school classrooms.

Federal funds should be tied to respecting the free speech and differences of political opinion on campus. Institutions receiving federal funds must protect free speech under the same conditions that the federal government must protect free speech.

A law akin to Title IX should be passed to protect the political views of students and professors alike. Discrimination based on political opinion at universities receiving federal funds should be banned.

Meanwhile, alternative forms of credentialism should be nursed and championed by the federal government. Modern technology enables the autodictat to access information and learning at an unparalleled scale, and they should be able to be recognized for their learning without the stamp of academy approval.

Federal funds for public education should be block granted to states based on the number of students without constraint. Over time, these grants to states should eventually be converted into direct federal government-to-citizen vouchers before being eliminated entirely over the course of time.

In order to combat the information shaping capability of large media and technology corporations, and to reduce their sources of income, there are several measures which should be taken.

Copyright law, as it currently stands, is absurd and hurts the American citizen while it helps corporations which do not hold any particular allegiance to this nation. Copyright in the United States should be limited to a period of no more than 20 years, retroactively. This will level the playing field between established corporations, living off of rents of past work, and new disruptive media ventures relying on the success of new content.

For publicly owned businesses that moderate and shape the flow of information between users, the SEC must require that these corporations disclose any political bias in its policies, on the penalty of fines and shareholder lawsuit if they are found to act in a way that is contradictory to their disclosure.

Federal bureaucracies and agencies must be brought to heel in order to recapture the people’s ability to determine its government. Government offices should be spread throughout the nation instead of isolated in the Federal City. Modern telecommunications makes the Federal City completely unnecessary for government to function. All regulations put forth by agencies should expire in after a period of several years.

Agencies which surveil American citizens and foment revolution and disorder across the world must be sharply brought into line if not shut down completely. Collecting information against American citizens is a clear violation of fundamental Constitutional rights and grants unelected agents in the shadows immense power over citizens and members of the government. Agencies which interfere with the internal affairs of other nations without the consent of Congress, and the knowledge of the people, should not be allowed to operate. Wars waged in the shadows are anathema to Republican virtue.

As our nation has changed in the past 50 years, I believe it is imperative to re-visit the 1964 Civil Rights Act and build a new law that encompasses the current state of affairs. Disparate impact, which ensures the supremacy of academic credentialism over demonstrated performance, should be specifically eliminated. Affirmative action policies that discriminate against Whites, Asians, & Jews must be made as illegal as polices which discriminate against other races. The alternative to this position is to repeal the provision against private discrimination entirely. While this latter option is better supported by conventional understandings of individual liberty, American culture and history make this option much less palatable to the population at large.

Furthermore, while limiting the absolute numbers of immigration is an important step, the full repeal of the Hart-Cellar Act should be undertaken by this Congress. The Johnson-Reed Act should be reinstated, with use of the 1970 census as the basis of national or regional quotas. This will ensure that new Americans are drawn from all over the world, while maintaining the culture that makes America the desired nation to live in for so many people around the world.

Lastly, the policy of birthright citizenship should be ended as an archaism of a bygone age instituted by judicial fiat. With international travel as simple as it is now, where any human being could reach the United States in a matter of days with moderate means, it is simply not good policy to grant the supreme privilege and object of desire, American citizenship, upon anyone who happens to be born inside our borders. If American citizenship is something to be valued, achieving it must not be a trivial enterprise.

This is a radical program that would reinvigorate the American Republic and set it on a course to recapture the spirit that has placed it first among the nations of the world. The time for conserving a system that is rigged against the foundations of republican principles and the sovereignty of the people is past. The time for the people and their representatives to once again seize the reins of political power has come. As a citizen, or representative of one, the time for action is now.


“A Republic, if you can keep it”

-Benjamin Franklin, 1787

Yours, etc

An Engineer


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