Take Five Minutes to Fax Your Congressman

I don’t remember where I saw it, but I recently saw someone advocate for sending faxes to congress.  I initially ignored this, since I am under 30 and don’t own a fax machine, much less have a phone line I could use.

Fax is an interesting way to get through to Congress as it is relatively high effort, and therefore less likely to be used. It seems like a good way to send a friendly word to those in Congress who support us and a good way to troll our enemies.

It turns out that sending a fax to your representative is easier than I thought. Just go to FaxZero and click on the name of a congressman. This will take you to a form that is partially filled out with the information of the representative you picked. Fill out your information accordingly, I don’t think there’s any reason to use real information here, but you do need access to the e-mail to confirm sending the fax and receive an acknowledgment it went through.

Also on the form at the bottom is space for a message, which I encourage you to write targeted at the specific individual you are praising or scorning. I also encourage you to send two positive messages for every negative one, as bolstering spirits is needed more than infuriating the left at the current time.

The form also includes the ability to attach up to three pages for free. Rather than let this go to waste, I made a PDF with some Trump slogans for your use.

Here is the attachment I sent along to my congressperson’s office.

I encourage you all to send a few. This kind of stuff may not seem like much, but it all adds up in their mind. It is much more personal than polls and members of Congress try to gauge their district’s mood by the letters, e-mails, phone calls and yes, faxes, that they receive.

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