Links I’ve Been Saving Up: November 2016-January 26th 2017

So I stopped doing this links posts around the election because that’s all everything was about. Then I forgot to get back to it. Here are some articles for you that have stood out to me in the past few months.

“So You Wanna Be in the 1%” by Ed Latimore, is a great set of sometimes unconventional wisdom on what it takes to succeed. I don’t normally read Ed, so this one being shared widely is what led me to find it.

“Anomie, Anime and the Alt-Right” by Lawrence Murray is my choice for the seminal essay of 2016. It covers the alienation so many young men feel with society today (anomie), how they react to it by finding culture which conforms to their morals (anime), and why this leads to extreme political views (alt-right). You can’t understand the shifting landscape of the world today without understanding the content of this article.

How Losing My Political Values Helped Me Gain My Freedom” by Warden at AOSHQ, puts down in blogpost format how many of us came to feel during the Obama years. We’ve stopped allowing out morality to be used as a weapon against us and have started skewering the left for once.

“#NovelMindset” by Kantbot reflects on the rise of the novel from non-existent in the 17th century, to the dominant form of popular reading ever since and how this marks the beginning and growth of the modern era. An excellent piece of the recent development of society through communication.

“Rule of the Global Eunuch” by Costin Vlad Alamariu examines the matriarchal world of the global elite, typified by Hillary and Merkel, and how that matriarchal world is falling apart very shortly after it has been installed into power. This focuses on stories from Asia before coming back to Europe and America.

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