Anti-Federalists Part 4: The Letters of Centinel

I posted a version of this post the other day and I decided I didn’t like splitting Centinel up into multiple parts, and thought he should be discussed all at once. I found myself trying to write a post and read Centinel simultaneously, and it just didn’t go well, so I’m going to do a complete post on Centinel and pretend like the last one never happened. I won’t delete it, because I don’t think that erasing one’s published work is a good idea.

The letters of Centinel are a series of 18 essay published in Philadelphia newspapers by Samuel Bryan. Unlike other founding fathers, Bryan’s mark on history is exclusively tied to his pseudonymous persona, which he rigorously defends against attempts to discern his true identity. From his final essay:

Great pains have been taken to discover the author of these papers, with a view, no doubt, to villify his private character, and thereby lessen the usefulness of his writings, and many suppose they have made the discovery, but in this they are mistaken. The Centinel submits his performance to the public judgement, and challenges fair argumentation; the information he has given from time to time, has stood the test of the severest scrutiny, and thus his reputation as a writer, is established beyond the injury of his enemies. If it were in the least material to the argument, or answered any one good purpose, he would not hesitate a moment in using his own signature; as it would not, but on the contrary, point where the shafts of malice could be levelled with most effect, and thus divert the public attention from the proper object, to a personal altercation, he from the first determined that the prying eye of party or curiosity, should never be gratified with his real name, and to that end to be the sole depository of the secret.

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Harvard Classics, Volume 4: The Poetry of John Milton

After the fiasco of the last Harvard Classics volume where my Kindle edition of the classics did not have all of the texts, I was rushing through to get myself to this fourth volume. This volume was certainly the most difficult and rewarding so far, as it contained what many consider to be the greatest work ever written in the English language, Paradise Lost.

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Links I’ve Been Saving Up: November 2016-January 26th 2017

So I stopped doing this links posts around the election because that’s all everything was about. Then I forgot to get back to it. Here are some articles for you that have stood out to me in the past few months.

“So You Wanna Be in the 1%” by Ed Latimore, is a great set of sometimes unconventional wisdom on what it takes to succeed. I don’t normally read Ed, so this one being shared widely is what led me to find it.

“Anomie, Anime and the Alt-Right” by Lawrence Murray is my choice for the seminal essay of 2016. It covers the alienation so many young men feel with society today (anomie), how they react to it by finding culture which conforms to their morals (anime), and why this leads to extreme political views (alt-right). You can’t understand the shifting landscape of the world today without understanding the content of this article.

How Losing My Political Values Helped Me Gain My Freedom” by Warden at AOSHQ, puts down in blogpost format how many of us came to feel during the Obama years. We’ve stopped allowing out morality to be used as a weapon against us and have started skewering the left for once.

“#NovelMindset” by Kantbot reflects on the rise of the novel from non-existent in the 17th century, to the dominant form of popular reading ever since and how this marks the beginning and growth of the modern era. An excellent piece of the recent development of society through communication.

“Rule of the Global Eunuch” by Costin Vlad Alamariu examines the matriarchal world of the global elite, typified by Hillary and Merkel, and how that matriarchal world is falling apart very shortly after it has been installed into power. This focuses on stories from Asia before coming back to Europe and America.

Anti-Federalists Part 4: Letters of Centinel I – VI

The letters of Centinel, at least the ones pertaining to the adoption of the Constitution, are a collection of 18 essays by Samuel Bryan, who, unlike many of the other pseudonymous authors, isn’t of any particular importance except as the author of these essays. These essays were addressed to the citizens of Pennsylvania.

The first letter opens with a discussion of the Pennsylvania constitution. In light of the current age, I believe it is important to emphasize that like John Milton, Centinel treats the phrases “free press” and “freely publishing your thoughts” as synonymous, as opposed to the modern definition. Also Centinel uses the phrase “so great a disparity in the talent, wisdom and industry of mankind”, which should indicate that he held the correct view of human equality that most Americans in public life would be afraid to say.

Centinel’s main point in his first essay seems to be that a free republic requires that it be filled of men of virtue and relatively equal status. If this can be obtained, a small government with frequent elections and term limits on representatives is all that is required for good governance.

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The Real Racists and The Real Fascists

It being Martin Luther King, Jr. Day here in America, we are treated to an endless stream of Republicans lionizing a man who expressed antipathy for their values and perspective. Of course, when someone is granted civic deification the way Dr. King has, one offers up praise the way Romans once did to their deceased and deified Emperors, regardless of one’s personal thoughts.

However, there is a cultural tic amongst conservatives that demonstrates that so many people, supposedly plugged into politics and the currents of American life, simply do not understand how things work. If you’ve paid attention to conservative discussion of race, you will inevitably encounter that the conservative will accuse progressives of being “the real racists”, usually because of they infantilize or deny agency to Black Americans.

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The Memetic Warfare Handbook (Work In Progress)

If you participate in Western politics at any level today, you are a combatant in a memetic war. At stake is the soul and perhaps the existence of our civilization. If you want to maximize your effectiveness in this conflict, you must understand the dimensions of the conflict.

This is intended to be a living document. Please suggest additions, changes, etc. in the comments or on Twitter or Gab.

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A Look Back at My 2016

Now that it is a new year, I thought it was prudent to take a look back at 2016. In my regular life, it may have been my best year yet: I got engaged, had several career high points and generally had many good things happen.

Between this blog and my Twitter, I’ve been happy with the results. I’ve grown to 1200 Twitter followers and have had 16,600 views on this blog across 50 posts since I moved to my own domain in February. It is a modest success, but I’m happy to have a group of people interested in what I have to say.

This has been a year where I’ve read many good books and learned many new things. I’ve been enjoying reading the Harvard Classics, interspersed with other works.

As to my own political development, I’ve found myself not so much changing any positions as balancing between wanting to eliminate the carcinogens of society and seeking to rebuild society into something better.

Of course, the election of Donald Trump was a triumphant success and gives America a chance to slow down, catch its feet and find its way to something better than modernity. The problem now facing me in particular is understanding that Trump won’t go through and implement every policy that I think he should and have the same viewpoints as me. That means working to shift people to the right and voicing dissent and affirmation when necessary.

I hope you all have a relaxing couple of days off and I wish you the very best in 2017.