What’s Next? Tearing Down the Cathedral

The news this morning is a hard won electoral victory for Donald Trump. In doing so he has faced down the full force of the unofficial organs of power in America, and some of the official ones, and he has emerged the winner. For people like me, who have worked to push Trump to victory, the big question today is: “what comes next?”

Trump will need help getting his agenda passed and accepted. In addition to this, people on the far and Alt-right should try to move the country further to the right and to be critical from Trump’s right flank. 

But one important thing is overlooked that needs to be done to insure Trump can be successful and make lasting gains. That is to begin the process of deconstructing the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is a concept I’ve written about before. It is the collection of unofficial sources of power in America. They were all arrayed against Trump, and against what he was fighting for. It’s time to bring them down.

The Republican party, by the nature of Trump’s victory, has been retaken. The Bushes and the neocons are on the retreat. The people just concerned with power sees Trump’s victory as something to build on in the future, something that could have been even bigger.

The Democratic party lies in ruins. Bernie Sanders supporters will never forgive the DNC and the Clintons for cheating in the primary. Fault lines in their coalition of victims will continue to fray. The Clinton Machine, however, is dead. They have no more influence to peddle. I’d hate to be the one owing all of those favors to the Saudis. Breaking them will require bringing some Democrats on board with Trump’s policies in Congress.

The universities and public education system have done their best to create a populace that hates the prospect of a strong American nation. Turning the Department of Education into an office that just writes 50 checks per year and finding a solution to college debt that puts the risk firmly on the university will be big steps in the right direction. In addition, we should institute exams to place people in civil service, rather than college qualifications.

The government bureaucracy needs to be brought to heel. The one regulation in, two out policy is a good one. So is a hiring freeze. Even better would be relocating offices to cities destroyed by free trade.

Wall Street, large banks and the financial industry need to be broken up. There should be a limit on the size of holdings for these companies and the money should be spread between more competitors.

The lobbyist industry needs to be neutered. Trump’s ethics plans will hit this industry in exactly the right way.

Digital giants need to lose their power over the American people. Anti-trust should be considered. A law forcing social media companies to either declare their biases openly or enforce moderation evenly is essential.

When it comes to bringing down Hollywood, the mainstream press and the whole media, that is not the government’s role. That one is on us. We need to support alternative news and entertainment and remove our support from the legacy institutions.

This is a huge list. It doesn’t even mention the work it will take to fix immigration, healthcare and a variety of other issues. But tearing down the Cathedral brick by brick is every bit as important for retaking United States for the American people.

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