Review of “MAGA Mindset” by Mike Cernovich

Lawyer, blogger, author, journalist and film producer Mike Cernovich recently released his latest book “MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again”. The book combines an analysis of the cultural forces driving the Trump campaign with a discussion of Trump’s advice in his books and social media and the mindset principles underlying them.

Ben Garrison provided spectacular cover art for the book

If I had to describe the book in just a sentence, it is SJWs Always Lie meets Gorilla Mindset condensed to their core, with a unifying theme of Donald Trump.

The book is divided into three sections on culture, media and mindset. The first lays out, in brutal terms, the cultural landscape of modern America and how it paved the way for Trump’s rise. Cernovich does it in such a way that he won’t sound like a conspiracy theorist to uninitiated readers, which is really hard to do given the gulf between reality and the media created dreamworld most of America lives in. The first section is as good of a redpill as any I’ve seen. It will convert people to new forms of right-wing politics.

The second section is an indictment of American media. It highlights the foreign connections and the double standards of mainstream media and the fecklessness of conservative media. It also touches on how Trump was able to play them to gain attention for his campaign.

In the third section, Trump’s mindset is analyzed and used to support Cernovich’s own work in the field. Framing, vision and all of the best parts of Gorilla Mindset are reiterated in the context of Trump’s life and Trump’s books and Trump’s influences.

The work done in the third section examining Trump’s books and the books of his influences is superb, and has not been done anywhere outside the pages of this book.

If you (or the target reader) aren’t familiar with SJWs or have never read much of Cernovich’s work but are an enthusiastic Trump supporter, this book is intended for you and is a must-read.

People who aren’t behind Trump will just laugh and ignore a book that would serve them well.

For people like me, who read Cernovich & Vox Day blogs and books, who know the state of cultural rot in America, who already see the media as adversarial to the American nation, this book is going to feel like it’s preaching to the choir and telling you things you already agree with. This book was written to create more allies for us. You should read it, enjoy a well done work pushing your worldview and pass it on to people who it will impact greatly.

Purchase MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again on Amazon.

Disclosure: While I’m not referred to by name, something I did is specifically mentioned in the book positively.

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