How the System is Rigged

Some people have a hard time understanding what Donald Trump says when he says “the system is rigged”. People who oppose him like to imagine it means rigged elections and that he’s casting doubt on the entire political system.

The truth is much simpler, and more sinister than that.

In the United States, public opinion determines the outcome of elections. If public opinion was an independent force, that would be the end of it. In the age of mass media and state education, it is not.

Public opinion is, tautologically, the sum of the opinions of members of the population. If individual opinions can be controlled, so can public opinion.

Individual opinion is entirely reliant on the information it is given. For most people, their view of the world outside of their own experience comes through a combination of the following corporations:

  • Comcast
  • Disney
  • Fox
  • Time Warner
  • CBS
  • Viacom

These are the big six media companies. If you’ve seen it on a TV, it probably was produced by one of these companies. These six corporations not only control the news, they control what you see on regular TV shows, in the movies and on the internet.

These six corporations set the political and cultural tone of America, and they set it to suit their political whims.

This election cycle, even the company which owns some conservative properties, Fox (Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Weekly Standard), has turned those conservative properties against Trump.

At this point, we have already accounted for most of the media that most Americans consume. With the rise of the internet, some new channels of information have been created. The two biggest channels, Google and Facebook, are run by people with identical politics to the ones who run the Big Six. The same goes for Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo.

Facebook and Twitter have taken steps to mute right wing voices on their service through biased moderation and news curation. Google seems likely to introduce algorithm changes that would allow bias against right wing content.

Even Netflix and Amazon, who are creating and distributing much applauded new content, share the same politics as the rest. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, also owns the Washington Post.

So this group of companies utterly control the channels of information that get to the American public and they are uniformly progressive. They dictate what information individuals encounter, and in doing so, they shape public opinion. By shaping public opinion, they do an end-around on the electoral process. Elections take place, but public opinion has been shaped so that the results are reflective of the information less than a dozen companies have elected to share with you.

“But wait!”, you say, “isn’t the reason we have education is so that people don’t fall into this trap?”. If it is, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Even then, education is largely a function of the facts students are presented with. At universities, it is uniformly shades of progressivism. At elementary and secondary schools, it is the result of curricula chosen by progressive educators. Common core will further make it so that every student is taught a curriculum filtered through the progressive lens.

So how else might the public come across information that isn’t filtered through a progressive lens?

One big one is Churches, which is why they have been the target of progressives for decades. Whether mocking their members, subverting their hierarchies, or normalizing libertinism, the left has worked to erode this connection to a non-progressive source.

So here it is: progressives control the organs of information distribution in western society. They use that control to limit the range of thought among the public to an acceptable range. Even when Republicans win elections, the molding of the American people by the media and the education system is still taking place. And those Republicans don’t do a thing to dismantle the progressive mind control apparatus.

That is how the system is rigged. That is why our nation marches ever leftward; because the instruments of information dissemination are exclusively controlled by progressives.

This system is starting to show cracks and those cracks may be just enough to propel Trump into the White House. More and more people are realizing the system is rigged and are learning to reject the message being given to them no matter what. After being fed so much poison, some people are no longer considering whether or not to take the medicine the progressive mind control machine is giving them, they are rejecting it outright.

Don’t be surprised if more actions are taken to cut off the flow of information coming from alternative media in the next year.

Remember to support alternative media and remember to read old books.

5 thoughts on “How the System is Rigged”

  1. The church I walked out of, a PCUSA – Presbyterian Church (USA) – congregation here in Cleveland, Ohio was very literally nothing other than an organizational structure from which to hang and support a political agenda. Scripture was “interpreted” by our minister exclusively in terms of who, at the moment, was sticking what into her or her “partner’s” neither regions. White, straight males were “Nazis”, conservatives were “racists” and middle-class Americans were “haters”. Both our pastor and her “partner” “lived in fear” and encouraged the rest of us to do likewise. Services would begin on Sunday afternoon as our pastor prepared the service during an hour-or-so “ministry” at the flea-bag bar several doors down or a period of “meditation” in her car in the parking lot out back. I desperately wish I could say I was making any of this up. The congregation has since collapsed, but I think that this congregation was a fair reflection of contemporary Presbyterianism. I wouldn’t look for a lot of help from this particular church.

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