The Clinton’s Fleecing of Haiti Shows Why Nationalism is So Important

Tonight, I watched the documentary “Clinton Cash” which highlights various instances where it seems the Clinton Foundation was used as a means to collect bribes. Most striking to me was the situation in Haiti following the earthquake.

Two-hundred and fifty thousand people died instantly, and the already impoverished country was completely devastated. Then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton took charge of the rebuilding efforts.

The documentary outlines several instances where contracts were given and special government favors were granted to people who donated large sums of money to the Clinton Foundation.

These were done in such a way that clearly weren’t in the best interests of Haiti or rebuilding the country. It did result in millions for the Clinton Foundation though.

Bill and Hillary Clinton used their position overseeing the reconstruction of Haiti to benefit themselves, rather than act in the best interests of Haiti.

Anyone who is familiar with free-market theory shouldn’t be surprised, individuals act in their own self-interest, not in the interest of strangers.

That’s why nationalism is so important.

Letting people who only see your country as a transient interest where they are looking to get what they can out of it is a recipe for disaster. Leaders need to care about the long term success of a nation in order to govern it effectively.

The United States is lucky it is so rich. The Haiti situation was a one-time event, there was nothing to be gained from trying to make Haiti as prosperous as possible. In the United States, we are at least sheared rather than slaughtered.

Simply being a nationalist is no guarantee of a good leader, but it is a guarantee that they have the nation’s best interest at heart, which is more than the Haitians could say about Hillary Clinton.

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