Early Week Links, 8/1/2016

It has been awhile since the last batch of links, and I’ve collected quite a few. Here’s what I found interesting recently:

Jerry Pournelle on Free Trade offers Vox Day’s comments on Jerry Pournelle’s recent discussion on free trade. Both authors offer important insights on an issue that is being debated on the right for the first time in years.

Conservatism in Ruins critiques Andrew Klaven’s post-mortem on movement conservatism and argues that after all that has transpired, conservatives still cling to myths about the belief of the founders, and things like the “magic dirt” theory.

My Problem With Atheists discusses the fundamental selfishness and self-focus that goes hand-in-hand with pushy atheists.

Why The Alt-Right Isn’t Wrong remarks on Milo Yiannopolous’ Twitter ban and points out that the Alt-Right and related phenomena are largely a reaction to conservative parties to to effectively fight against progressive domination of culture.

Putin 1 – International Vampire 0  goes over the financial and debt crises of Russia following the fall of the Soviet Union, and how Putin clawed Russia back out from the globalist abyss and reclaimed Russia’s independence. America today is cast in an analogous situation as Russia during the Yeltsin era.

Blue-Haired Girl is a poem lamenting the life of a feminist-approved young woman.

Why Politics is “Upstream” of Science examines the influence politics has on science and the problems this leads to in science.

The Red Empire’s Manchurian Candidate looks at Trump as a tool of “The Red Empire”. The Red Empire and Blue Empire refer to two teams that split the foreign policy organs of the America. This is a Moldbug concept that is introduced in this post.


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