Monday Links 7/25/2016

Last week was the RNC, and this was the big topic of conversation. However, most articles I read were reporting on speeches and not much else. For that reason it took me a little longer to come up with enough links for a post.

Whither the Fanatic? covers the steady decline of conservatism following the end of the Cold War.

Life in A Theocracy parallels the experience of arbitrary punishment in Saudi Arabia with the modern American experience.

Meaning, Globalism and Death explores the emptiness of the globalist culture, commonly called “McWorld” or “Generica”. It also reflects on the responses to that culture.

The End of the Revivial marks the decline in progressive energy and sets in among other Northern moralist movements which have cropped up nearly every generation since the founding of the nation.

A World Without Western Civilization is a reaction to the controversy surrounding Rep. King’s response to Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce celebrating the decline of white influence in America.

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