Early Week Links 07/20/2016

Here are the things I’ve found thought provoking over the past few days:

The Death Knell of Secularism looks at the fading embers of the secular forces in Dar Al-Islam in the wake of the failed Turkish coup.

Why Do Progressives Get Religion? examines the contributing factors in the dominance of the current Western state religion, antiracism.

When is a Movie Not a Movie? calls on us to stop supporting media companies that hate us.

How To Stage A Successful Coup details the coup against the Iraqi monarchy by the military in 1958.

Rep. Steve King Exposes the Emperor’s New Clothes highlights the general establishment reaction to King’s recent comments, as well as discusses Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment.

Why the Libertarian Moment is Over and the Nationalist Moment is Upon Us examines the reasons why libertarianism failed to become the ideology to upend conservatism, and why nationalism is the one that has done so.

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