Late Week Links 7/13-7/15/2016

Here are some of the stories I found interesting in the second half of this week.

The President’s Prejudices takes a look at Obama’s reaction to recent shootings and our society’s collective refusal to fit black criminality into a coherent narrative.

The Wuss Right explains how the right-wing personalities you’re presented with as acceptable, by and large only differ from the left on means, not ends.

Three More Important Lessons I Learned About Civilization from Living in a Hippie Commune discusses the author’s observations on human society based on his experience living with 15,000 hippies in the woods for a couple of weeks. The original article is worth a read as well.

NYT: Implicit Whiteness of Seattle / Portland Europhile Soccer Hipsters Is Triggeringly Problematic discusses the culture surrounding soccer and the nationalism in breeds. 

Scientific Education as a Cause of Political Stupidity looks at the reasons scientists make lousy politicians and pundits. (See: Tyson, ND)

Last night, the West once again suffered an attack by Islamists killing dozens of people. Here are two reactions I found interesting.

The Year Rudyard Kipling Was Proved Right About Everything quotes a very relevant Kipling poem and discusses the attacks.
France Needs A New Revolution looks at the stunning comments by the French Prime Minister this morning. It’s also worth reading the lyrics to La Marseillaise in today’s context.

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