Early Week Links 7/11-7/12/2016

Here are some things I read and found interesting so far this week.

Conservative Zugzwang is an article about how conservatives paint themselves into what chess players call a Zugzwang. This is a position in which your best move is to do nothing, but you are forced to act instead.

Barak X compares our current president to former Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke and their similar career progressions.

The crucial question is what happens as the demand for labor decreases in an increasingly automated society?
The Sucker of The Summer goes to the Stephen Douglas’s of today. The people described are those who hope they can ignore the larger issues at hand and keep doing things the way they’ve always been done.

In the Cloud, You Never Have to Say You’re Sorry points out how loser politicians don’t go away anymore and electorally losing ideologies stock around well past their sell-by date.

Will Hillary Clinton Ditch Black Lives Matter? Asks Pat Buchanan. Betteridge’s Law of Headlines notwithstanding, as more of BLM’s anti-whiteness rhetoric falls upon the ears of the public, people will be forced to reckon with whether or not they can vote for someone who supports hate against them.

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