Harpy Tries to Create an Internet Mob, Fails Miserably

You’re getting ready for a flight, and it comes time for those same old boring safety instructions. Except this time, something horrible happens, the pilot introduces the flight crew, and refers to them as “the pretty young ladies in the aisle”. When faced with a horrible situation like this, there’s only one thing to do: try and create an online mob to get the pilot fired.

If you’re familiar with social justice warriors, this is what Vox Day calls “The Point and Shriek”, in his book “SJW’s Always Lie”. She’s hoping this tweet goes viral and floods United’s social media managers with angry responses.

What kind of person tries to get a person fired for referring to a group of people as “pretty and young”?

No one special, just a former NBC executive, and current employee of American University, as well as the wife of an New York Times National Political Correspondent.


Two years ago, there would have been a mass outpouring of outrage and shock at this point-and-shriek, but, in 2016, it attracts a different type of reaction.

David Martosko, a writer for the Daily Mail, had this to say:

Charles CW Cooke, Online Editor for the National Review, mocked SJW outrage.

This guy brought up our favorite Obamacare ads targeted at Millennials.

Zach didn’t mince words.

Dana Loesch made a counter-threat.

Betsy wants you to feel bad for her, she was just trying to ruin some guy’s life over an innocuous comment, and all of these people started tweeting mild disagreement.

If you think SJW’s should be mocked, you should check out this short story I wrote. And this one.

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