The Best Of “Conservative Pundit”

Last July, at the start of the 2016 Republican Primary, a new Twitter account appeared, mocking the state of Conservative punditry. This week, the account is being retooled for the general election. I’d like to take this opportunity to recount his best moments. I’ll be using images instead of embedded tweets so that it keeps that distinctive Buckley look.

On the first day of the account, this tweet quickly gained traction:


He quickly started rattling pundits:


His most popular tweets focused on criticizing the West’s response to growing trouble with Islam and the refugee crisis.


drr5 drr4

The parody account also did a great job skewering some sacred cows


Of course he touched on the conservative love affair with Carly Fiorina.drr10

He pointed out the blind spots most conservatives seem to have.


And he mocked the “blame-Trump-first” attitude far too many on the right have shown after riots.drr15

I think he was at his best when skewering pundits directly:

drr18 drr19 drr20


When he broke character this month, he proved to be more insightful than most right-wing commentators:


If you love these tweets, make sure to check out the @DemsRRealRacist interview at the Daily Caller and his AMA with /r/mr_trump.

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