An Alternative Platform for The American Left

Are you a left-wing American who feels like the Democratic Party doesn’t advocate for the changes you think we need to see in America? Are Hillary and Bernie inadequate for addressing America’s problems? I’ve compiled an electoral platform to advocate for the kind of change we need in today’s America. I am only going to touch on each part briefly, but I think you’ll find many of these are common sense, even if radical, solutions.

First, is complete universal suffrage for anyone residing in the United States over 18. This should be obvious.

Congress will be reorganized into a unicameral body. The Senate will be abolished, as it is undemocratic and gives an out sized influence to small states. Seats in Congress will be apportioned by equal-population groupings that can move outside of state lines if needed.

Congress shall create national councils for every major industry to maintain a set of common sense industry regulations which make sure their industry operates as effectively and efficiently as possible. Membership on these councils will be determined by a vote of industry employees.

On Labor & Social Policy

Under no condition will workers be asked to work more than a 40 hour workweek. This will encourage businesses to hire more workers and prevent “burnout” amongst employees.

The national minimum wage shall be set to ensure every worker maintains a living wage on their 40 hour workweek.

Representatives for employees shall be included in any high level meetings between heads of major industrial firms.

Union representatives will be treated with the same level of respect that is given to civil servants and industry executives.

The automobile and airline industry will see the introduction of regulations to ensure passengers are treated well, and will be subsidized to help the less fortunate have the same transportation opportunities as everyone else.

Revise Social Security disability coverage to better cover those who become disabled and cannot work.

Reduce the eligibility for Social Security retirement benefits from 65 to 55.

On The Military & Foreign Affairs

Encourage the unemployed to join the National Guard. Take funds from the active military and use them to strengthen the National Guard.

Factories which produce only military equipment will be bought by the state and operated by the Department of Defense, cutting out the profit-seekers from the military-industrial complex.

Maintain a foreign policy that keeps the US as a strong nation capable of defending itself from aggression, but that doesn’t seek to impose American will upon other nations.

On Taxes

The introduction of a progressive wealth tax (ie, 1% of net worth over $10 million per year, 10% of net worth over $10 billion per year) that will help make a more dynamic economy by discouraging hoarding of capital.

All Churches will be subject to local property and national wealth taxes. The First Amendment doesn’t allow for these sorts of exemptions.

Contracts for military acquisition of commercial goods will be revised to be better for the nation.

All remaining defense contracts shall be rewritten to reduce the proscribed profit levels by 85%.


As you can see, I’ve proposed a series of reforms which, if implemented would vastly improve the United States in a myriad of ways.

By the way, if you think these are good ideas, congratulations. You’re a supporter of facism.

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