Why I’m Voting Trump on Tuesday

This Tuesday, we’ll be having the GOP primary in my state, and I’ll be casting my vote for Donald Trump. This post is my rationale for doing so.

To most people, I definitely don’t seem like someone who’d be voting for Trump. I’m from a well-off coastal Republican enclave within a liberal state. However, I’m firmly in the highly educated, right-wing iconoclast group, which tends severely towards Trump.

My support for Trump boils down to the fact that the two political power centers in America have lost, to use the Chinese term, “The Mandate of Heaven”.

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An Alternative Platform for The American Left

Are you a left-wing American who feels like the Democratic Party doesn’t advocate for the changes you think we need to see in America? Are Hillary and Bernie inadequate for addressing America’s problems? I’ve compiled an electoral platform to advocate for the kind of change we need in today’s America. I am only going to touch on each part briefly, but I think you’ll find many of these are common sense, even if radical, solutions.

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How to Help People Online When You’re No One

On his most recent podcast, Mike Cernovich repeated the mantra “stay busy, be useful”. This got me thinking, how have I, as Caleb Q. Washington been useful and how can I be more useful?

I’m a nobody online, so how can I be useful? I write this blog and have a Twitter under this pseudonym. I’ve got less than 300 Twitter followers and any traffic this blog gets is from having someone with a large following link to it. While I do a few things to net some money from this effort, like affiliate links and my first short story, this isn’t much of an income stream for me. I don’t care to create and maintain a large following. This is purely a way to make the most out of things that don’t fit neatly somewhere else.

When you’re a nobody online it can be very hard to be useful to others. You can create great content and not be useful to anyone because they’ll never find your site.

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