Politically Incorrect EU4: South African Trade Empire

I still play some video games from time to time to relax, and I’ve been playing Europa Universalis 4 recently. EU4 is a grand strategy game set on a world stage during the Renaissance and Enlightenment (1444-1821). I picked it up recently decided to go for an achievement, Ideas Guy, where you create a custom nation and create a nation with outrageously good bonuses for your country, but only start with one of the worst provinces in the game.  My goal is to create a trading empire which would fufill a requirement for overall income. In the end, my income was 80% from tariffs on trade.

I also decided if I was going to be playing games, I might as well turn them into something to write about, hence this after action report. Knowing my audience, I decided to accomplish this achievement while playing the game as politically incorrectly as possible.

I started as: a Western nation; made up of Americans; worshiping Catholicism, ruled by a theocracy, who were avid colonizers and traders, in South Africa. I called my country the “Heavenly Kingdom”.

Starting Position: 1444

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The Making of a Hard Right-Winger

I don’t think many people would deny that the hard right around the world is growing in numbers and in impact. I’ve decided to write this piece for two reasons. First, many people find this trend troubling and are quick to project what they hope our stories and backgrounds are to resolve their cognitive dissonance. The second, those of us who hold views outside the mainstream of American politics tend to rightfully shroud our backgrounds in mystery in a way to stay pseudonymous, but I always appreciate learning about others and finding shared experiences.

I also want to make this point clear: when I use the phrase “hard right”, I mean that if I was honest about my views, I could not win elected office. That said, there’s nothing I’m not perfectly comfortable expressing to my friends and family. Feel free to examine my other posts or talk to me on Twitter to discern my views; that’s not what this article is about. This is an article on how I found myself a political nomad.

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Six Months Later: How Gorilla Mindset Has Changed My Life

Six months ago I was first introduced to the work of Mike Cernovich, author of various websites, most notably Danger & Play. Upon reading his work, I decided to read his book, Gorilla Mindset. The book is, in short, a set of techniques that work towards a common goal: asserting control over the things that make you an individual: your mind, your body, and your deeds. The book starts with an extended look at controlling your emotions and your thoughts. It moves on how to harness those good thoughts before switching tacks. A focus on body and health topics follows before finishing with personal finance and productivity.


Upon reading it, it seems like a book full of great ideas that are almost overwhelming to try out in your own life. It is hard to judge the true value of a book like Gorilla Mindset until you’ve seen what it does for your life over time. That’s what this article is going to focus on: where Gorilla Mindset has directly led to improvements in my own life.

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